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Jana Privette was a sixteen year old from Nebraska.
On November Seventh, Year of Two Thousand Sixteen,  Jana Privette dreamt:
I was visiting Elizabeth Sun (Gogol Bordello dancer/singer) and a guy came over to s how her his book,  which was supposed to be about her.   It wasn’t, so she was pissed he just attached her name to it.  He was pissed that she didn’t like his book.  I eventually left on a bike and partway on my journey, I had to consult my phone for directions and some passerby’s made a snide comment “can’t people just remember how to get someplace”.  A discussion with other passerbyers about what a dick that guy was ensues.  “Like someone is supposed to remember 36 turns”.
  • CUT TO:  not sure how it started but a swordfight ensues and then…WAKE
November 11, 2016.  Jana Privette dreamt.
I took megabus from NY to Richmond where I was apparently living and they lost the 9-string vox immitation guitar I own.  I was typing up an irate email when i learned it was located in the bus depot.  So I go to retrieve it.  But the manager, who incidentally may have been the guy that was the evil sensei in Karate Kid, tried to shoot me over some beef we had with each other.  But he was out of bullets and said he was going to smash the guitar but then forgets completely what he was doing.
November 15, 2016 Jana Privette Dreamt.
I wanted to talk to Abby Martin but I kept getting stuck with her truther brother Robbie.  I had to fake my way through a conversation about industrial music.
November Seventeenth, Two Thousand and Sixteen.  Jana Privette dreamt:
Living in an apartment similar in style to the building / apartment blocks that I lived in while in Hanau. I could here Coops talking on the balcony below and I was trying to determine if he was on the phone with Akiko.