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11.14.10 Jana Privette Dreams that….
I was on a train traveling in a group and the big hubbalub was the Cure’s new ‘Mixed-Up’ single was out with a new song.  Whilst on the train a news report comes over the television about Robert Smith being swarmed by fans at the airport and he freaked out and carjacks Justin Bieber’s vehicle, a pink mini-van, throwing out the driver and speeding off.
Jana Privette and Robert on a moutaintop.  Dreams right?
We get to our destination and go up the stairs to some massive building like we’re in camp and wait for the Cure to arrive and play.  When this happens, it’s just Robert and he comes to the top and sits with an acoustic guitar and tambourine.  After the concert I meet J & Todd R.   The entire group spends the night, I get up early the next morning to hang out with J. on the couch until her husband wakes.   Then all of us go into town which looks southern european and shop for that Cure single.  James purchases a Spermbirds/Metallica combo DVD that comes with T-shirts.