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This Video. sums it up.
” is the inside of my head really this messed up ”
is the inside of jana privette head this messed up?
In my dream, I was in a desolate city. It seemed a bit like W. Toronto.  I had found a pink rubbery keychain of a woman with a gigantic vagina.  It was alive.  It would say things that I can’t quite remember now that i’m awake.  I go back to my apartment and pass by E’s ex-Joey.  He’s in a grey Honda Accord.  Once inside I stash away the keychain in a drawer so that nobody will find it.  And E is there.  I ask “So when are you moving?”  she replies in about 2 years.  I ask, “I thought you were leaving in september”.  Which she tells me how things with her and Eric weren’t going so well since she started getting with Joey.  She wants me to drive her someplace and gives me the keys to Joey’s car.  At that moment some red-headed guy in a brown cuordoroy coat walks into the room and tries to book some with her (she’s a prosititute) and she gets pissed and yells at him “NOT NOW” .  He shouts back inquiries on when she could come over.  Then we leave to get the car but can’t find it.

Fast forward to 7-13-2017
Jana Privette dreamt that ....
I was at my parents house watching a made for tv movie or a documentary, the lines were blurred.   Anyrate, the show was about the time Oprah and her two friends came to this house in their 20's and were strangled.  To death, i don't know because oprah went on to have a successful tv career.  But later i stepped outside of the house and there's a plaque commemorating this house as the house that Oprah and her friends were strangled.   A sense of unease came over me and all the sudden i didn't trust the college kids who were moving into one of the vacant rooms.