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jana dreamt

10-30-16 A day before Halloween and Jana Privette dreamt:
I don’t know how we got there but J and I are making out.  I think to myself that the kisses are harder and lips are thinner than I remember/imagined.
11-05-16  Jana Privette dreamt.
I was at a two day music festival.  It could have been Lollapalooza but it was country themed.  Not sure if that was by design or happenstance but there were cows and a barn confessional and mud and wooden fences.  At some point it was morning and I got to see full-grown cows crawl out of a pouch from the calves’ backs.  Apparently, they psend the nights inside of their offspring.  The rest is hazy but my friend I was with met a girl and was off.  And an old man in the darkened barn tried to see us on conspiracies.

Then the next day 11-06-16 Jana Privette dreamt.
Aliens invaded and we were crouched down, expecting something akin to a nuclear blast.  That never came.  Instead a grey & red cloud follwed by a woman in business attire floated down to the parking lot and started telepatheically grouping the pick-up trucks together from the lot.  Then she walked into the building we were huddled at and started picking people out who would then float overhead into the bed of the pickups.  Together in the trucks they ascended into the sky.
Cut: later we were in the city and people were upset that they’re no longer able to scale the walls because of a new coat of paint that had been applied to the bricks.
Cut:  In the backseat of a car.  There’s three of us.  I notice the girl on the far left is leaking green from behind the ears.  This makes us all realize that she’s one of them but dude in the middle doesn’t want to believe.  We get out of the car.