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Les Assasins

I’m an assasin and I”m in Italy most likely.  Waiting in line for some gelato and the wait gets to be a bit much because I’m behind a school group so I head back to the hotel.  It’s here that I learn I’m not the only one and that it’s assassin vs. assassin.  My partner shows up as does a large family with their grandfather in a wheelchair.  They start piling their luggage into the elevator and somehow I know the wheelchair bound old man is an assassin out to get us.  I hide around the corner and ready my gun which happens to look like a giant staple gun.  At an opportune moment I fire but no bullets fly out, just smoke.
The old man laughs, so i attempt to break his neck but he makes mocking comments about how good it feels and that he hasn’t bent that far in years.  It’s at this point his family files in.  The old man, in order to protect his family, raises himself from the wheelchair and throws himself from the window.  The family is horrified and as I look out the window, I see several people including a bride and groom do the same.  Except when they hit the cobblestone below, they get up and go back in the building they flung themselves from, like kids who just came down a slide and rush back to the top to do it again.