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Jana Privette
jana privette

The Siamese is one of the oldest and best known cat breeds. The beautiful light-colored cat with the striking color points in seal, lilac, chocolate and blue made his Western Hemisphere debut in Victorian England, where he was touted as the Royal Cat of Siam, what we now call Thailand. He has been beloved ever since by people who appreciate his good looks and vocal talents. Jana Privette
The Siamese comes in two types: show and traditional. The show Siamese is a work of modern art, all lines and angles. He has a tubular body on long legs, a wedge-shaped head with large, triangular ears, and a long tail. The traditional Siamese, also known as the apple-headed Siamese, has a rounded head and chunky body. Both types have bright blue eyes that demand the worship due to all cats. Whether you choose a show Siamese or a traditional Siamese, they should share the same wonderful personality.Jana Privette
Siamese are endlessly curious, but inclined to be smart and demanding. If you want a Siamese just for his looks, think again. This is a cat who has a passion for his people and will involve himself in everything they are doing. When they’re not around, he will entertain himself by turning on faucets, opening cabinets, seeking out new hideaways to frustrate anyone who might be searching for him, and watching television with clear interest. He may even be willing to walk on leash and play fetch with the same enthusiasm as a certain other four-legged animal to which he disdains being compared.Jana Privette
Nicknamed Meezer, the Siamese may be more famous — or infamous — for his voice than for his looks. He will “talk” to you all day long and well into the night, expressing his opinion on what you’re feeding him, what you’re doing, how much (or how little) attention you’re giving him, and what the dog next door is doing. If you appreciate his sculptural looks and don’t mind his sometimes bad language, he may be just the cat for you.

Other Quick Facts

  • The Siamese is great at learning tricks and even better at training his people to do what he wants.
  • The Siamese has a distinctive “pointed” coat: a light-colored background with darker points on the ears, mask, legs and tail in seal, lilac, chocolate and blue. Other point colors include tabby, red, cream, silver and smoke.